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Underwater Archaeological Field School 2020

Registration Field School 2020


Kuratorium Pfahlbauten is pleased to announce its first


An introductory course to resource management in research, documentation and protection of archaeological underwater sites related to the
UNESCO World Heritage „Prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps” in Austria.

Date:                        28. September to 9. October 2020 (2 weeks)
Location:                  Seegasthof und Segelschule Weisse Taube,
                                 Schwarzindien 69, 5310 St. Lorenz, Lake Mondsee, Austria
Participation fee:    240 EUR

Students and young scientists, who are interested or involved in the topic of prehistoric lakeshore sites, are welcome to participate in the international field school at the Lake Mondsee in Austria. The Kuratorium Pfahlbauten – the Austrian Management of the UNESCO World Heritage “Prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps” – and the federal state museum of Upper Austria are the inviting parties.
The field school is following up the archaeological education program of 2012 initiated by the Landesamt für Denkmalpflege Baden-Württemberg in cooperation with the International Coordination Group (ICG) of the UNESCO World Heritage. After five years of underwater archaeological excavations and seven years of periodic monitoring of underwater heritage in Austria, the organizers feel confident to present an interesting, diverse and informative program.

Please send your application to info@palafittes.at. Deadline for registration: 01. June 2020.

Monday, 28th September to Friday, 2nd October:
Within the first week participants of the field school engage in practical training related to the current underwater excavation at the Neolithic lakeshore site Mooswinkel in Lake Mondsee and surveys at Lake Mondsee. The activities involve the elutriation of sediment samples, training for recognizing and documenting archaeological wetland finds and using simple methods of conservational care. You will receive instructions from an experienced person about their assigned tasks at the excavation.
Within the first week there will be also activities for divers (it is not necessary to be a diver to participate at the field school!). Participants with a diver license are included in surveys and coring activities underwater. Please note that for the participation in the underwater activities it is necessary to have some diving experience. Below you find more information about the preconditions for divers.

Monday, 5th October to Friday 9th October:
During the second week the participants visit the conservation laboratories of the federal state museum of Upper Austria. We will focus on the handling of wetland finds and the follow up process of an excavation. Resource management in research, public relations and publicity of the archaeological work will be the main topics of the last week.
The course program includes excursions to local museums and archaeological sites, as well as scientific lectures and discussions. Experts from different research topics regarding the underwater excavation and prehistoric pile dwellings will give lectures. During excursions, lectures and discussions the participants have the possibility to gain first-hand information about the development of archaeological wetland research in Austria by archaeologists and scientists involved in different research projects.

The working language of the international field school is English.

Preconditions for divers:
For the participation in the underwater activities it is necessary to have some diving experience. Therefore, only divers with a CMAS** (or equivalent brevets), who have completed a minimum of 40 dives are allowed to participate at work underwater.
Please bring your own diving equipment. We recommend the use of a dry suit. The organizers will provide tank and weights. If you need to rent equipment, the nearest local divers shop is Austrian divers: Seeleitenstrasse 4e, A-4866 Unterach am Attersee. www.austrian-divers.at

For further information, you can download the detailled program, invitation and registration or contact us at info@palafittes.at.



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